About Polkima


Polkima is an industry leader in Turkey producing advanced tooling solutions and finished composite parts. Since 1988 Polkima has been a leading innovator and exporter in the Turkish composites industry, creating proprietary production methods and processes for use in the automotive sector.


Through intelligent design and material allocation, Polkima is committed to reducing wastage while producing durable products that minimise environmental impact. You can read more about Polkima’s sustainability initiatives here.

Human Relations

Building strong, long-term relationships with employees is a core company value. Polkima maintains a devoted workforce by always looking after their best interests and providing unique opportunities for professional development. These values of honesty and fairness are reflected through Polkima’s customer relationships.

Facilities – Settlement Plan

Polkima’s five main buildings provide 22,000 m² of covered area within 52,000 m²:

  • Integrated design support
  • Dedicated pattern and mould production facilities
  • In-house materials laboratory
  • Integrated paint shops
  • Integrated quality control systems