Quality Management

Through close association with its suppliers as well as local universities, Polkima has always been a driving force behind the development of the Turkish composites sector.

Dimensional Control

In order to achieve dimensional accuracy, complex shapes are measured and compared with CAD data using laser scanning technology. All new parts are checked and Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR) are generated.


Every part produced is labelled at the start of production with a barcoded unique ID number to ensure availability of all quality information specific to each part. Throughout the various stages of production as well as packing and despatch, the barcode is scanned with wireless hand terminals and logged into a central computer system. This provides complete control and traceability throughout all stages of production and after despatch.

Colour Control

Polkima’s expertise in high quality gelcoat finished surfaces is sustained through the use of portable spectrophotometers to keep inevitable colour deviations within narrow pre-determined boundaries.

Weathering Testing

Accelerated weathering testing is carried out at regular intervals and on request in order to guarantee a long lasting product, resistant to UV and moisture exposure.